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Absalom: 1992 Chestnut Sabino Arabian Stallion
Absaru Min 'Uqaabin: 2006 Grey Aabian Stallion
Abu Asaala Resin: Arabian Stallion
Adonijah: 2001 Black Arabian Stallion
Al Khalediah: 2004 Black Chestnut Arabian Stallion
*Al Teygh: 1995 Chestnut Arabian Stallion
Arabic Charlie: 2001 Chestnut Arabian Stallion
Ashmael Resin: Arabian Stallion
Aspenaz: 2000 Grey Arabian Stallion
Benjamin: 2008 Black Arabian Stallion
Darius: 2000 Chestnut Sabino Arabian Stallion
Datelis Amadeus: 1986 Grey Arabian Stallion
Diamond Silver Wings: 1982 Grey Arabian Stallion
El Arish: 1995 Grey Arabian Stallion
Elnanthan Resin: Arabian Stallion
Expressive Dance: 1988 Grey Arabian Stallion
Farouk: 2003 Grey Arabian Stallion
Fire Within: 2000 Bay Arabian Stallion
Gideon: 2000 Chestnut Arabian Stallion
HDF Harrier: 2005 Bay Arabian Stallion
KF Let The Wind Blow: 2004 Chestnut Arabian Stallion
Lemuel: 2008 Chestnut Arabian Stallion
Maestro: 2003 Grey Sabino Arabian Stallion
Mahaar: 1999 Grey Arabian Stallion
Majeed Resin: Arabian Stallion
Melchizedek: 1988 Bay Arabian Stallion
Merlin El 'Aadih: 1994 Bay Arabian Stallion
Mutahham: 2006 Bay Arabian Stallion
Pepe Rein: 2007 Liver Chestnut Arabian Stallion
Prince Caspian: 2005 Chestnut Arabian Stallion
Raai Hissan: 2003 Bay Arabian Stallion
CM Ramses Resin: Arabian Stallion
Sandstorm Resin: Arabian Stallion
Sayyad Al Hawah Resin: Arabian Stallion
Shadi: 2001 Black Sabino Arabian Stallion
Shadowbrooks Rashuqa: 2005 Chestnut Sabino Arabian Stallion
Shams, 2003 Grey Arabian Stallion
Still On Fire: 2005 Black Arabian Stallion
Tayyaar: 2005 Grey Arabian Stallion
The Artful Dodger: 1998 Chestnut Arabian Stallion
The Kingmaker: 1996 Chestnut Arabian Stallion
Theophilus: 1993 Bay Rabicano Arabian Stallion
Timeless Resin: Arabian Stallion
Tryandcatchthewind: 1998 Bay Arabian Stallion
Yaa Hushaashah Qalbi: 2005 Grey Arabian Stallion


Aljabr: Grey Arabian Mare
Amira Resin: Arabian Mare
Amirat Al Alwan: Chestnut Rabicano Arabian Mare
Bella Sefia: Chestnut Arabian Mare
Bintu Al-Hilaal: 2006 Chestnut Arabian Mare
Drusilla: 2006 Chestnut Arabian Mare
Falcon Crest: 1995 Chestnut Arabian Mare
Falls A Soft Memory: 2005 Chestnut Rabicano Arabian Mare
Flutter: 2009 Baby Black Arabian Filly
Garbo: 2003 Chestnut Arabian Mare
Hadassah: 2004 Rose Grey Arabian Mare
Hepzabah: 1994 Grey Arabian Mare
Iphegenia: 1998 Grey Arabian Mare
Jalisha: 1997 Black Arabian Mare
Jezebel Resin: Arabian Mare
Julie's Heart Thief: 2007 Chestnut Arabian Mare
Karimeh: 2006 Chestnut Rabicano Arabian Mare
KF Endless Summer: 1999 Chestnut Arabian Mare
Lexus: 2002 Grey Arabian Mare
Ma Ajmala: 2007 Chestnut Arabian Mare
Mahiba Resin: Arabian Mare
Manfuus Malak: 2008 Black Arabian Mare
Mini Z Resin: Arabian Mare
Najlaa'u: 2002 Grey Arabian Mare
Nudar bint Sabiha: 2004 Chestnut Arabian Mare
Nusaal: 1994 Bay Arabian Mare
PS Arabian Mare
Rajiyyah: 2006 Bay Arabian Mare
Rakkisah: 1985 Grey Arabian Mare
Refka: 2002 Chestnut Sabino Arabian Mare
Remembrance Resin: 1994 Grey Arabian Mare
Safia: 1991 Grey Arabian Mare
Skakira Resin: Arabian Mare
Something Special: 1988 Bay Arabian Mare
Suki Resin: Arabian Filly
Sumara Resin: Arabian Mare
Take My Breath Away: 2000 Bay Arabian Mare
Tariifah: 2000 Grey Arabian Mare
Wardi Farase: Grey Arabian Mare
Whisper: 2003 Grey Arabian Mare
Windswept: 1986 Bay Arabian Mare
Zion Asasi: 1996 Grey Arabian Mare


Desert Sunset: 2006 Bay Pinto NSH Stallion
Groucho: 1998 Black Morab Stallion
Ishmael: 2002 Chestnut Hispano-Arabe Stallion
Peck's Bad Boy: 1994 Bay Tobiano NSH Stallion
Personal Enjoyment: 1994 Bay Tobiano NSH Stallion
Theron: 2000 Palomino Tobiano NSH Stallion
Unconditional Love: 2002 Bay Tobiano NSH Stallion


Alexandria: 2006 Chestnut NSH Mare
Another Jamie: 1996 Chestnut Araloosa Mare
Beautiful Stranger: Palomino Anglo-Arab Mare
Harlow: 2002 Buckskin Tobiano NSH Mare
Idolmaker: 2006 Black Leopard Araloosa Mare
Monroe: 2002 Chestnut Pinto NSH Mare
Mustanfar: 2009 Palomino Painto NSH Mare
Once Upon A Time: 1995 Buckskin Arastang Mare
Regal's Endless Love: 2008 Chestnut Overo Part-Arab Mare
Zaafinah: 2005 Black Toviano NSH Mare


A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall: 2006 Dark Bay Thoroughbred Stallion
Enchant Me: 2004 Buckskin Thoroughbred Stallion
Everlasting Heritage: 2010 Buckskin Colt
George Michael: 2004 Bay Thoroughbred Stallion
Hey Jude: 2006 Thoroughbred Stallion
Ice: 2001 Grey Thoroughbred Stallion
In The Early Morning Rain: 2008 Grey Thoroughbred Stallion
Mystery Of The Roses: 2006 Grey Thoroughbred Stallion


Gift Of Love: 1993 Bay Thoroughbred Mare
Giggles: 1998 Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare
Hop A Jet Plane: 2007 Grey Thoroughbred Mare
Keziah: 2002 Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare
Our Flag: 2001 Dark Bay Thoroughbred Mare
Saluki: 1995 Grey Thoroughbred Mare
Vestial Virgin #9: 2002 Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare
Victrix Resin #1: Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare
Victrix Resin #2: 2007 Grey Thoroughbred Mare
Your Flag: 2007 DkB/Br Thoroughbred Mare


Alain Delon: 1994 Bay TB/Fresian Sporthorse Stallion
Blow Your Doors Off: Bay TB/Appaloosa Sporthorse Stallion
Capt. Jack Sparrow: 2000 Black Overo TB/Pinto Sporthorse Stallion
Eusubeis: 2003 Black TB/ Appaloosa Sporthorse Stallion
Laughter: 1993 Bay Tobiano TB/Pinto Sporthorse Stallion
The Gunslinger: 2002 Chestnut Appaloosa TB/Appaloosa Sporthorse Stallion
The Prophet: 2005 Palomino TB/Danish Warmblood Stallion


Beautiful Stranger: Palomino Anglo-Arab Mare
FTH Winds of Fate: 2003 Black Pinto TB/Paint Mare
Santana: 2002 Black Leopard TB/Appaloosa Mare
Visions of Johanna: 2000 Chestnut TB/Swedish Warmblood Mare


Answered Prayers: 2006 Black Roan Semi Leopard Appaloosa Stallion
Billy The Kid: 2003 Buckskin Quarter Horse Stallion
Cadillac Chuck II: 2002 Black Leopard Appaloosa Stallion
Chuck's Speckled Dove: 2007 Dove Grulla Leopard Appaloosa Stallion
Diamond Flash-Fire: 2002 Chestnut Overo Paint Stallion
Dots My Boy: 2008 Black Leopard Appaloosa Stallion
Dun It By Numbers: Dun Overo Paint Stallion
FTH Jesse James: 2002 Bay Paint Stallion
Irene's Heart: 2006 Bay Quarter Horse Stallion
Jack Brake Charlie: 1999 Roaned Sorrell Overo Paint Stallion
Sweet Thang: 2007 Chestnut Blanket Appaloosa Stallion


Damnitgirl: 2003 Blue Roan Tobiano Paint Mare
Matriarch Resin: Bay Appaloosa Mare
Raw Moves: 2008 Bay Roan Tobiano Paint Mare
Ima Hot Spot: 2001 Black Leopard Appaloosa Mare
Sacagewea: 2002 Buckskin Tobiano Paint Mare


AC The Poet: 2007 Palomino Pinto Clydesdale/Paint Stallion
Etruscan: 2005 Bay Percheron/Cleveland Bay Stallion
Gladiator: 2006 Bay Sabino Clydesdale Stallion
Gypsy's Candelabra: 2004 Chestnut Tobiano Gypsy Horse Stallion
Hypnotic: 2005 Black Leopard Appaloosa Clydesdale/Appaloosa Stallion
PF Beautiful Friend: 2009 Roan Sabino Belgian/Paint Gelding


Greta: 2004 Buckskin NASD Mare
Kira: Palomino Pinto Gypsy Horse Mare
Samantha: 2007 Black Pinto Gypsy Horse Mare


Call Me ISH-Mule-L: 2002 Chestnut Mule John
Daniel: 2000 Grulla Mule John
General Webster: 1998 Grey Mule John
Gentleman John: 2004 Black Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Mule John
Goldilocks: 2006 Palomino Pinto Riding Mule Jennet


Elisa Ir Iigeramente: 2003 Palomino Paso Fino Mare
Ardiente Resin: Andalusian Stallion
Bailarín de Destello: 2005 Chestnut PRE Andalusian Stallion
De Alto y Tan Joven y Bonita y: 2006 Chestnut PRE Andalusian Mare.
Crash And Burn Man: 2003 Chestnut Overo Spanish Jennet Stallion
El Gran Vorcel: 2009 Chestnut Sabino Andalusian Stallion
Fernando: 2009 Buckskin PRE/PSL Andalusian Stallion
Mini Majestuoso: 2006 Grey PRE Andalusian Stallion
Olympian Bling: 2007 Black Leopard Spanish Jennet Mare
Precidence: 2005 Black Leopard Appaloosa Spanish Jennet Stallion
Raphael: 2002 Bay PRE Andalusian Stallion
The Spaniard: 2007 Black PRE Andalusian Stallion


Catywampus: 2005 Rose Grey ASB Stallion
Morning Mist: 2002 Grey ASB Stallion
Hey Mr. Tambourine Man: 2008 Chestnut ASB Stallion
King David: 2007 Chestnut Sabino ASB Stallion
Standing Ovation Resin: 2004 Buckskin Pinto ASB Stallion


Cherry Sundae: 2003 Chestnut Tobiano ASB Mare
Bare Heiress: 2006 Black ASB Mare
Haute Couture: 2006 Black Chestnut Sabino ASB Mare
KF Lana: 2006 Palomino Tobiano ASB Mare
Miss America Resin: ASB Mare
Precocious Lady: 2008 Bay Tobiano ASB Mare
Wonderlight: 2005 Palomino Tobiano ASB Mare


Da Vinci: 2006 Black Pinto Classic American Shetland Pony Stallion
DQ Anticipation: 2005 Grey Quarter Pony Stallion
FTH Fine N' Dandy: 2005 Black Pinto Classic American Shetland Pony Stallion
Prince Charming: 2006 Bay Classic American Shetland Pony Stallion
Silver: Grey Grade Pony Mare
Sir Paddington: 2005 Chestnut Classic American Shetland Pony Stallion
Timmy My Boy: 2001 Palomino Pinto Chincoteague Pony Stallion


Feather In His Hat: 2003 Bay Morgan Stallion
Whispering Bay III: 2000 Bay Morgan Stallion


Etheral Whispers: White Winged Mare
Fincarya: White Winged Filly


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