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Some Prepped Horses



Will Prep Resins 

I prefer not to prep Plastic models, but
write me if you have one you really need done.

Can give excellent references.

Large Traditional - $40

Traditional - $35
Traditional Foal - $30

Classic - $30
Classic Foal - $25

Littlebit - $20

Stablemate - $20

Eberls not cast by Resins By Randy - Please write for quote

Prepping includes all seams sanded, raised hooves, ears & nostrils
carved out, logos removed, pin holes filled in, rough spots
sanded, etc. Primed with either Spray Gesso, White Krylon
Primer or Rust Krylon Primer. Your choice.

Customer pays shipping to and from Prepping.

Turn around time, about 1 month. I try not to overbook so I can
return your finished pieces quicker. Write me to see if there
are openings. Thanks, Betty Hook

Contact Me

Betty Hook
41 Old Trail Rd
Liverpool, PA 17045
United States

Some of My Satisfied Customers

Hi, I wanted too know if you still do prepping you had prepped a wixom for my friend awhile back and did an excelent job.I have another friend that needs 2 lady phases and a stud spider done would you do this and how much? ~Emily Briggs

Gift certificate for one free prepping of any size model by Betty Hook Ė Betty does wonderful prepping! Iíve had the pleasure of painting a model that she prepped and it was one of the nicest done Iíve ever painted. ~Ronni Markham

I'll vouch for that. Betty provides fast service too. She did a fantastic job for me! ~Vicky Bartlow

I contacted Betty Hook via her ad on MH$P about prepping my Prowler resin for me in the hope of having him back in time to paint while I'm on an "I quit my job" vacation this month. She agreed, I shipped him out on May 23, and he arrived back to me in this morning's post, two weeks later. Good work, it's a clean prep job, nice detailing, and an incredible turnaround time. She was also very good with communication, making sure we had the same vision for this guy's completion, and very prompt to respond to e-mails. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. Many thanks, ~Melissa Wilson

Just thought I would forward this message from Deb Loveless to you. She is really happy with the beautiful prep work you do. Thank you dear, take care, and God bless. Just thought I would forward this message from Deb Loveless to you. She is really happy with the beautiful prep work you do. Thank you dear, take care, and God bless. ~Sharron Dunning
Beautiful Ziryab showed up safe and sound yesterday, Please let Betty Hook know I REALLY appreciate the extra effort she put in packaging her up. Top Notch Job! And a very nice Prep Job..that will make my job SO much easier..prepping takes SO Long for me and my long old Perfectionist fingers. Give Betty kudos from me though please!!

Betty, You do the best prepping job of anyone in this hobby!! I have heard nothing but great things about your prepping, and that is why I send my pieces to you!! You are wonderful, and I thank you for your excellent work and fast turn around. You are one of a kind dear, and if no one else has said it I will ...a big THANK YOU!! Take care, and God bless. ~Sharron Dunning

Betty - I'm getting very forgetful... I'm not sure if I let you know - the models arrived and they look really great! No time to paint for a week or so, but I'll look forward to having a ready-to-go body! Thank you so much! Let me know if you might have some more time to prep a few... ~Betsy Andrews

Hi Betty, I received my prepped Indy back safely today, 10/21/06. You did an excellent job on him! Thank you very much. When my friends ask if I know someone who does prepping, I'll highly recommend you to them. Take care, ~Nikki McKinney

This is my second year of having resins in my collection and even though I don't have a huge number of them (7 to date, with some of them being purchased already painted), the ones I do have were bought after taking a long hard look at the correctness of the resin to the breed it represents. Betty has prepped the last 2 resins I purchased that were unpainted, a Phoenix and a Sugar Daddy resin. Both of these are really nice molds, but both of them needed some tweaking along with prep work before I sent them off to be painted. I purchased the unpainted Phoenix with a broken ear which Betty did an excellent job of fixing. I also asked her to make both ears a bit smaller than the original mold has because to me they were a tad to large. She did exactly what I had in mind with the ears and a few other things I wanted done. The prep job she did on the Phoenix was also excellent, very smooth. My Sugar Daddy resin also needed to have some work done on his ears, his one hind leg, his hooves, and on his neck, all of which Betty did exactly as she and I discussed and it was done very well. I also asked her to carve out/define certain areas of his muscling and, again, she nailed exactly what I asked, as well as giving him a super smooth prep job. I know that any future resins I purchase that need prepped, and "tweaking" or other work done will go to Betty to have whatever done they need. I think she does an excellent job and am very comfortable recommending her work to anyone who asks. ~ayle Goodling